Sweaty Betty Fly Flex Flow


Sweaty Betty’s Get Fit for Free classes run each week from HIT to Pilates to Yoga and as part of a campaign for the New Year the #SBFlyFlexFlow challenge was introduced. This is a workout which combines the best of run training, conditioning and yoga flow principles. A great start to the year with this whole-body workout devised by run coach Annie Foulds and renowned yogi Jo Arthur.


I always love trying out new workouts and when I heard about the Sweaty Betty ‘Fly Flex Flow’ challenge I was super excited and managed to book myself in for a class at the Soho store. All SB stores where running classes from 27th Jan to 17th Feb 2015 for 3 weeks.

The Fly Flex Flow is a three part workout: –

FLY – Outdoor interval running or indoor high intensity training sets
FLEX – Dynamic movement with weights, sculpting legs, arms, glutes and abdominals
FLOW – A short but sweet, dynamic yoga section to stretch and release the muscles

The class was led by Maria Soho Ambassador, with a background in dance and teaches at the Barrecore Mayfair.

Maria Soho Ambassador Photo: Sweaty Betty website

As the store was located in Soho, there was nowhere around the area we could run so the entire class was taught indoors. I was slightly disappointed that there was no run element as I love the combination of running and HIT workouts. On the Fly aspect of the workout we replaced the running with high intensity training.

As soon as the store was closed, the lights went off. Maria gave a brief intro about herself and then the class began.

We started off with some warm-ups to get the heart rate up; Side shuffles, star jumps, alternating step back lunges. We worked in sets each consisting of about five drills and then repeated each set twice.

After which we started with the HIT workouts, I really worked up a sweat and this was getting intense. Ski jumps, planks, shuffles and squats etc.

Throughout the class Maria demonstrated all the drills and even did some of them with us, this ensured that we were doing it correctly to give us the full effectiveness of the workouts.

Next it was the conditioning with hand weights, Biceps lifts to chest, Bicep and forearm lifts. I have to admit I’ve never been strong on my upper body and therefore I really had to push myself to work my arms. But it was great.

Flex & condition
Flex Condition Photo: Sweaty Betty


After the two intense workouts it was time to finish off with a dynamic yoga flow and finally settling into Savanasa.

Yoga Flow Photo: Sweaty Betty

I love the combination of the three workouts as it starts off extreme from Cardio to abs and introducing hand weights then gratuity slowing down to a yoga flow.

This is a great workout which works all your body and would definitely want to try it again if SB are running more classes.