Sweaty Betty Be Balanced Pilates and Nutrition event

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of meeting nutritionist and health blogger Nataile Glaze (best known for her blog the Nutritionista) as well as take part in a Pilates class taken by the founder of Be Pilates Dawne Likhodedova.

This event was themed around finding balance in your life. The Pilates class took place at the new Sweaty Betty Marylebone which opened its doors just last week lead by founder of Be Pilates.

I was really looking forward to the Pilates and Nutrition event and had planned my journey well in advance (actually as soon as I signed up) but still managed to get lost finding the store, in fact I actually walked pass it without realizing it was there. I finally got there, walking in feeling embarrassed as everyone was sat on your mats ready to start. The ladies at the store gave me a friendly welcome and said don’t worry you’re just in time.

Dawne took us through a 30min Pilates workout focusing on core and balance. She sure kept us entertained throughout the session with her humorous nature. ‘We are at Sweaty Betty so I need to make you sweat’… the light body conditioning exercises challenged us with various drills of crunches, scissors kicks, planks altering from left to right, and up and down.

SB BeBalanced3
Photo: Sweaty Betty

After the workout we all gathered together up in a group as if we were having a sleep over to listen to Natalie’s insight in to a well balanced lifestyle whilst enjoying some lovely hot tea (Rare Tea). It was such a relaxing atmosphere!

SB BeBalanced1
Photo: Sweaty Betty

Nataile talked about what a well balanced lifestyle can be and how it is individual of each person, you cannot compare with others and should not. To find a balance that suits you, you do not have to exercise or eat healthy everyday. It is about finding a routine that suits you with a balance of nutrition, exercise, food. Happiness is key and being yourself is most important. Having a balance lifestyle means enjoying your life so an occasional drink or eating a chocolate bar is completely normal. A fantastic talk from Nataile and I completely agree with her theory.

SB BeBalanced2
Photo: Sweaty Betty

Thank you Sweaty Betty for an inspiring evening about health and fitness and an amazing Pilates class. Look forward to attend more classes.

Alice x