N+TC Event at Spitalfield’s Market

Nike never fails to deliver. If it’s a fitness event hosted by Nike it will no doubt be big.

Tuesday evening saw 400 girls take over Old Spitalfield’s market with a special workout hosted by N+TC master trainers Joslyn, Rory, Faisal and Tana.


This is aimed to the run up to Nike Women’s 10km training journey to get stronger for race day and also follow through the #BetterForIt campaign which Nike launched to inspire women everywhere to be more active, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals—whatever they may be.



Before checking my bag in we were each given a goodie bag inside was a White Nike Club Vest and Metcalfes Popcorn (love them). The aim was to get everyone wearing the vest.

Goodies bags
Bag drop


So glad I arrived early, look at the bag drop queue… Wow lots of people and I’ve spotted some already wearing their vests.


Master trainers preparing to take on the class. Headphones check!

The atmosphere was amazing, it’s not every day you get to workout with not just one but four of the Nike Master trainers. The workout was about to start; music pumping, crowds gathered surrounding the stage where Joslyn, Rory, Faisal and Tana introduced themselves. This class all about Abs, Arms & Legs, each trainer was to take us through some drills for those particular areas. Starting off with some warm-ups to get the heart rate moving, we slowly moved into burpees. When we talk about BURPEES these were no ordinary BURPEES… it was Joslyn’s chest to floor burpees.

We were split into four groups and each trainer took a group focusing on various drills. Joslyn; legs, Tana; abs/core, Faisal; arms and Rory; abs/core. Once you finish with one trainer you move on to the next until you have gone round all four groups.

This was great, an all body workout arms, abs, core and legs. Each group of drills lasted around 10 mins, but the hard part was before moving over to the next group you had to do 1 min of Joslyn burpees. This definitely made the workout more challenging, but I loved it.

Holding plank with Rory Knight. Photo taken by Nike UK


After the workout it was sweaty selfies and photo opportunities with the Master trainers and catching up with old and new friends. Before the evening ended we picked up a bite to eat, from a choice of healthy sandwiches or salad and delicious cold press juices.
Thank you Nike for an amazing evening and epic workout with Master trainers Joslyn, Rory, Tana, Faisal and also Kezia and Georgine.
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