Nike Rooftop Speed training event

With only 2 weeks till race day. Time to come out of your comfort zone and test your speed. A speed training session is just what is needed to challenge yourself. Tuesday evening saw Nike take over of the 13th floor of the London Bridge NCP car park where we ran on a customized track.


This speed session was aimed at focusing on speed and technique lead by NTC Trainer Faisal and British Athletics coach James Brewer. NTC drills were also incorporated into this session lead by NTC Trainer Rebecca Gentry.


After getting warmed up we were split into two groups; the group on the lower floor were doing NTC training whilst the group on the top floor were doing speed work (this was me).

Within the speed work group we again split into two groups where James & Faisal led a group each. We started off with a relay race where we formed six lines with 3 people on each line; running to 4 points on the track. We then went on to footwork techniques which James talked us through; after each set we repeated it when we moved over to Faisal. I actually don’t know how I ended up at the front of the row for each sprint drill, but that gave me an extra challenge to really push myself and I did.

Photo taken by Nike UK

It was time to swap over. NTC training; Rebecca led us through drills of squats, lunges, planks (burpees for punishment if we stood still), core strength, high knees, seated rows. I especially enjoyed the partner drills where we had to jump over each other, so much fun working out together.


After the run we were treated to some delicious food; Chicken salad with rye bread served by O-foods and Wheyhey Ice-cream.

It was great to learn about speed and running techniques from the expert James Brewer. An amazing experience running on a rooftop car park.

This session will really help ‘Sharpen my step’ to get me through race day.