NTC x Saatchi Gallery

It’s not everyday you get to train at the Saatchi Gallery. A few weeks ago Nike hosted a special NTC workout session at the Saatchi Gallery, and not only were we trained by one but four of the top Nike Master Trainers; Sonja Moses, Faisal Abdalla, Rory Knight and Joslyn Thompson. There were 2 sessions that evening, I joined the 8pm where it was heading up by Sonja and Faisal.


Before heading to the workout, we all gathered at Nike Kings Road where we collected a goodie bag and we were given a white Nike Get Fit Tank. The aim was to get everyone wearing the vest.

We were welcomed by Joslyn and Rory who led us towards the Saatchi Gallery where the class took place. Everyone was full of energy and really excited. Shouting the phrase ‘Who rules the world!?… Women’… louder and louder until we reached the entrance.


NTC Smartwater

The room was buzzing and the atmosphere was amazing. The lovely Tana (Nike trainer) was hitting the decks as best known for DJing. Whilst on stage we were greeted by Faisal and Sonja.

NTC‘Recent studies show that actually training is 100% more effective than thinking about training’. This was the theme of the class… plus it was #TrainTuesday.

IMAG1265It was an explosive workout with various drills; forming rows we were given a drill to perform i.e. pushups, planks followed by a sprint finish and this continued until everyone had a turn. The rows were split into two groups were two trainers looked after each group, again everyone took a turn in perform a drill set out. One of the best drills was when we were directed to move left or right by following Sonja or Josyln’s hand direction. This was really challenging as it was testing us to see if we could keep up with the trainer. But i loved it.

The evening continued with lunges, squats, planks, burpees. We also paired up with a partner for some partner drills; each person would do a different drill. Holding plank and burpees. Planks variations; holding plank on left and right side. Partner squats and push-ups by holding your partner by the ankles. Single leg squats; holding partner’s hands while they squat and vice versa.

Throughout the evening Sonja and Faisal demonstrated all drills where we were put through our pace. There were a lot of high fives along the way to give us that extra boost.

Thanks Nike for an epic workout which was fast moving, dynamic and non stop dripping of sweat led by the awesome Nike Master trainers.