NTC Train with KJT


Last week Nike hosted an exclusive launch event for Katarina Johnson Thompson’s ‘Runner’s Strength and Balance’ NTC workout.

I along with 200 girls were lucky enough to meet and train with Katarina Johnson Thompson, European Indoor Gold Medalist Heptathlon.

Katarina’s ‘Runner’s Strength and Balance’ workout can be found on the ‘Get Focused’ section of the app, a 16-minute workout focusing on balance, strength and stability. It combines a variety of drills from single leg balance to alternating mountain climbers to forearm side planks working you into a sweat and getting the heart pumping. Try it out for yourself NTC.


When we arrived at the Yard in Shoreditch, at the entrance we were given a choice of a t-shirt or vest, the aim was to get everyone looking the same. I chose the tee because I liked the blue NTC logo.

NTC t-shirts and vests galore

We were directed to into the big room where the evening’s event was taking place, inside the atmosphere was buzzing and music pumping. I was delighted to be greeted by Master Trainer’s Rebecca, Joslyn and Faisal.

Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2

As well as getting kitted up we also got to trial the Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2. This was a great opportunity to test some new shoes.

Nike Master Trainer’s Rebecca, Joslyn and Faisal

Nike master Rebecca headed onto the main stage, whilst Josyln and Faisal took left and right stage. We were taken through some gently warm-ups to get the heart pumping. After getting warmed up, Rebecca led us through various challenging drills; burpees, walk outs, plank walks with feet.

Q&A session before the workout with Katarina

After the amazing sweat session, it was time for our special guest Katarina, who was greeted with cheers and claps from all the girls in the crowd. Rebecca welcomed Katarina onto the stage.

Everyone was looking forward to trying out Katarina’s new workout on the Nike app and what better way to do this than with the women herself. We also had the opportunity of a Q&A session before the workout which was a added bonus.


Rebecca led us through the ‘Runner’s Strength and Balance’ workout although with Katrina and although it was only a 16 minute workout. We were put through our paces with buckets of sweat. This was a fabulous #TrainTuesday and working out with friends was so much fun.

Katarina showing us how it’s done!
Post workout. Getting ready to gather together for a photo with Katarina.

The evening ended with photo opportunities with Katarina, chance to catch up with friends as well as enjoy a light salad box and cold press juice, and of course not forgetting our amazing master trainers.

Photo with Katarina Johnson-Thompson.
Demonstrating holding balance with a right hand side plank
Photo credit: KJT

Thanks Nike for a Epic workout, amazing atmosphere.

If you would like to train with Nike join one of the many classes available around London Nike Training Club