Body by Simone London Class

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Simone De La Rue founder of Body by Simone at her first London pop up BBS workout class.

Earlier on in the year Sweaty Betty ran a Body by Simone campaign offering the dance cardio workout throughout their stores. When I heard about the London class I was delighted and managed to get myself a place.

Photo credit: Body by Simone

The class took place at Danceworks near Bond Street. When I arrived at the studio I was delighted to be greeted by Simone along with 30 other girls all ready to sweat it.

Simone introduced herself and asked us if we had heard about BBS? Everyone cheered and say yes of course. She led us through her 45 min dance cardio workout, which consisted of various drills; dance moves, squats, ballet moves, boxing punches, high kicks, high-rep body weight sequences, planks, mountain climbers, lunges, forward & backward jumps etc. This was certainly a full body workout and guaranteed to get you in a sweat.

Simone was absolutely amazing with her precise, quick moves and natural flowing sequences. She even kept us entertained with her humorous nature. I have to admit I had trouble keeping up with her.

Post workout photo with the lovely Simone.

It was an amazing class and a privilege to meet the lady behind the workout. A Body by Simone studio could be coming to London, watch out.

Photo credit: Body by Simone

If you would like to try out these classes, you can buy the DVD or steam classes available on her website

You can also find her workout on the Sweaty Betty website